When should I eat Fuel For Fire?

Anytime as either a healthy snack, pre-workout or post-workout fuel source!

Fuel For Fire Smoothies make the perfect addition to your kid's lunch box, and prove handy to toss into your own lunch bag, purse, briefcase or in the car for an anytime, anywhere healthy snack.

The combination of healthy, easily digestible carbohydrates and high quality protein in our Fuel For Fire also make them ideal before or after exercise, intra-workout, and on race, competition, or game day.

Athletes that use Fuel For Fire pre-workout typically consume one of our smoothies 30-60 minutes before a workout, but the exact timing really depends on your own digestion and experience with pro-activity fueling. Experiment a bit and you'll find your ideal zone. After a workout, Fuel For Fire ideally should be consumed within 30 minutes to ensure that your body gets a balance of protein, carbs and nutrients it needs to restore depleted glycogen reserves, promote muscle recovery and synthesis, and perform again tomorrow.


Can I use Fuel For Fire as part of my nutrition plan to train for an endurance event (marathon, triathlon, etc.)?

Absolutely! Many elite triathletes, runners and cyclists have made Fuel For Fire a critical part of their training and pre- and post-race nutrition, with great results. Depending on the length of the event, Fuel For Fire can be used alone or in conjunction with other fuel sources to ensure proper nutrition. For longer events, the fructose in a Fuel For Fire can be a nice balance to glucose-based energy gels, allowing your body to benefit from multiple carbohydrate sources. For a pre-race breakfast, Fuel For Fire closely match the protocol suggested by leading triathlon coaches (fruit and whey protein). And unlike many energy gels on the market that are just carbohydrates, the protein in Fuel For Fire helps regulate blood sugar levels during exercise, which allows you to go longer without hitting a wall.


How is Fuel For Fire different than all the other sports nutrition products on the market?

Fuel For Fire Smoothies are different in terms of what they are (the first all-natural fruit + protein combination in a single serving pack) and what they are NOT --Take a look at the ingredient label of any sports nutrition product you're currently using. Chances are it's got lots of ingredients you can't pronounce, much less define.  You won't find any of those things in Fuel For Fire--  no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or anything that doesn't come from a natural food source.  What you WILL find is real food. Ingredients you can recognize.  And perhaps the biggest difference is the one your taste buds will notice. No more forcing yourself to eat awful tasting gels or convincing yourself you really like the chalky protein bar that tastes like fake candy.


What type of protein is in Fuel For Fire?

Each Fuel For Fire blend provides 10+ grams of whey protein isolate. Whey protein is derived from milk and is a byproduct of the cheese-making process. Whey protein is considered by exercise scientists and sports nutritionists to be the gold standard for post-workout recovery, as it is a quickly absorbed, high quality source of essential branch chain amino acids that are immediately available to promote muscle recovery.

While all whey proteins are derived from milk, WPI (as compared to whey protein concentrate) is a purer form of protein with low levels of carbohydrates and fat, and trace amounts of lactose. People with lactose intolerance usually don't have trouble with whey protein isolates. The primary difference between isolate and concentrate is that the isolate is the purest form of protein. Whey isolate usually contains between 90-94% protein, while whey concentrate has a protein ratio of around 70-85%.


Is Fuel For Fire safe for kids?

Absolutely. Fuel For Fire is a great alternative to the high-sugar, empty calorie drinks and snacks that so many kids consume. Parents can feel good knowing that their kids are getting some protein alongside the healthy, real-food carbs that Fuel For Fire blends deliver. The amount of protein in a single Fuel For Fire is appropriate for an active child to consume, and it's an easy way to get some vitamins and fiber into our little ones. And kids seem to love squeezing their food these days, so Fuel For Fire is right up their alley.


Does Fuel For Fire need to be refrigerated?

None of our products require refrigeration before they are opened. The ingredients in every pack are pasteurized and packaged in such a way that ensures shelf stability. Fuel For Fire should be stored at room temperature. While refrigeration is not necessary, Fuel For Fire is super refreshing when consumed cold, so throw a few in your fridge and give it a try. Once opened, if you don't consume the whole pack at once, it should be refrigerated and enjoyed within 24 hours.


Is Fuel For Fire gluten-free?

All of the ingredients in Fuel For Fire are naturally gluten-free.


Is Fuel For Fire consistent with the Paleo Diet?

We like to say Fuel For Fire is Paleo-friendly. You won't see anything on our ingredient label that doesn't come from a natural source.

In The Paleo Diet for Athletes, Dr. Loren Cordain and Joel Friel, leading Paleo Diet researchers, recommend applesauce mixed with egg or whey protein powder for both pre-exercise fueling and post-exercise recovery. Fuel For Fire was designed with the simplicity of the Paleo Diet in mind, supporting the notion that our bodies perform best when supplied with branched-chain amino acids, nutrients from fruits and vegetables, and select carbohydrates for maintaining and restoring muscle glycogen stores.


What are "Natural Flavors"?

The flavors are derived from the natural essence oils extracted from the fruits used in each of our Fuel For Fire flavors, and are added back in to remedy any flavor lost during production. There are no sugars or artificial ingredients contained in, nor added to, these extracted flavors.


What is ascorbic acid?

Ascorbic acid is a form of Vitamin C and is a naturally occurring organic compound with anti-oxidant properties. Though we do not add ascorbic acid as a separate ingredient, the apples and bananas that we use in many of our products contain ascorbic acid to maintain their color.


Does Fuel For Fire contain nuts?

No. Our products do not contain any nut ingredients. That said, we do not claim nut-free on our label as the facility that manufactures Fuel For Fire, while not currently manufacturing any other products with nuts, has not been certified as a nut-free facility.


Where can I buy some?

Our products are sold in gyms, retail outlets, and online. Check our store locator for your closest retailer.


Is Fuel For Fire TSA Approved?

Fuel For Fire packages are 4.5 ounces each. This quantity exceeds the Transportation Security Administration's "Liquids Rule" which limits liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes to 3.4 ounces when packed as carry-on baggage. In some cases - not all - TSA agents may consider Fuel For Fire a liquid when screening carry-on baggage.

Tips for traveling with Fuel For Fire:

1. Pack Fuel For Fire in checked baggage.

2. Ship Fuel For Fire ahead to your destination so it is waiting for you when you arrive.

3. Plan to buy Fuel For Fire locally when you reach your destination. Please call ahead to make sure the store is stocked up.


What is your return policy?

Please contact a sales representative at in order to get directions on returning items to Fuel For Fire. For any items being returned, the customer is responsible for paying the shipping back to Fuel For Fire.


What if I receive a defective product?

Our products undergo thorough quality assurance procedures to ensure they live up to our high standards. However, if you find a damaged or defective product upon arrival that doesn't meet your expectations, please send us a photo of the defect so that we can assess the situation and prevent it from happening again. We will either replace the pouches or issue you a full refund, whichever you prefer. Please contact